Very simply, the social media channel that’s best for your business depends on what business you’re in.

A company with high visual interest, such as a restaurant, food producer, hotel or artist, may find image-heavy accounts, like Instagram and Pinterest, most relevant for their customers. Other businesses will find Twitter or YouTube invaluable for sharing news, and building up a carefully rounded profile that engages their followers.

It goes without saying that all businesses, from the smallest cafe to an online shop, should have a regularly updated and managed Facebook page. This involves not only posting status updates, but responding to comments on posts, and commenting on similar businesses’ Facebook pages, in order to gain maximum followers.

Here at BRIGHT STUFF we realise that setting up and managing social networks can be a distraction from your day-to-day business. That’s why we have put together some great little packages to help you on your way. We can do as much or as little as you like, beginning with setting up and branding your social accounts, giving one-to-one tutorials, to full blown daily management of your tweets, posts, pins and insta feed.

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