The dark arts of search engine optimisation

SEO can be daunting for many, but don’t fret, BRIGHT STUFF is here to help. Here are some tips to help improve you SEO rankings yourself.

  • Add Google analytics to your site and what’s more, use it. It gives insight into everything your website is doing right and wrong.

  • Do keyword research and make sure your content is keyword rich.

  • Don‘t go it alone. Choose a company with SEO experience.

  • Build links. Back links from quality websites to your website can really help with your search engine page rank.

  • Use a sitemap. A sitemap increases the ease of navigation and lets search crawlers efficiently search every page of your website.

  • Relevant content is key. It needs to read well and be relevant to your keywords.

  • Optimise meta tags. Meta tags summarise what the site is about and still have a role in the search rankings.

  • Use your image alt tags. Descriptive alt tags can add relevant text to your source code.

  • Use headings. The page title is the first thing a search engine will look at to determine the importance of the page. It should contain 1 or 2 keywords.

If you need help implementing any of our above tips or want further help to improve your serach rankings then get in touch with BRIGHT STUFF. We offer monthly SEO packages to help improve your online presence and drive traffic to your website.

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