The BRIGHT STUFF CRM system is actively managed by a dedicated team to ensure that it stays one step ahead and in-tune with communication developments. The solution is entirely web based and requires no software installation (other than a modern web browser).

A BRIGHT CRM system with the goal of improving your business relationships.

CRM Solution Bright Stuff

Contacts-CRMContacts / CRM

  • Store contact details with multiple phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses etc

  • Define and setup many-to-many relationships between Contacts

  • Store Contacts as Organisations or Individuals with one-to-many relationships between organisations and individuals

  • Record notes of interactions with Contacts

  • Import from CSV and vCard files

  • Export to CSV files

  • Address lookup and geolocation services available


  • Import events from CSV and iCalendar files

  • Publish and subscribe to iCal feeds

  • Standard iCalendar format with some additional fields

  • Online applications and renewals

mailings CRMMailings & SMS

  • Customisable HTML templates

  • Create test and send to multiple lists

  • Track opens and clicks

customer service

Customer service satisfaction guaranteed

  • Assigned your own personal account manager upon sign-up

  • Free welcome support call within 48 hours of sign-up to address any questions

  • Free three months initial phone support

  • Free 24/ 7 email support

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